Forms, Covenants & Policy Downloads

This page includes downloadable architectural change request form, policy resolutions and property plat images for the Shipley's Choice Homeowners Association. Further information, including SCHOA By-Laws is contained in the "Homeowner Resale Package" which is not available for download.

Shipley's Choice Policy Resolutions (rules and regulations) PDF Downloads

    Book of Resolutions – Sept. 1998
    Procedure for Collection of Assessments – Aug. 1998
    Architectural Review Procedures and Guidelines – Dec. 2014
    Vehicle Control and Parking Areas – Aug. 1998
    Keeping and Controlling of Pets – Aug. 1998
    Procedures Relating to Due Process and Fining – Aug. 1998
    Process for Conducting Annual Elections – Sept. 2010
    Usage of SCHOA Common Areas – Nov. 2013
    Policies Relating to Trees in Common Areas – Nov. 2010

Community Forms

    Architectural Change Request Form (click to download PDF).
    Facility Use Application Form (click to download PDF).
    The FUA form is a fillable pdf. You may download to your computer, type in the information, save, and then email to the SCHOA Board; or you may print out the form, fill out by hand and then mail to the SCHOA Board at the address below.

    Shipley’s Choice Homeowners Association, Inc.
    PO Box 671
    Millersville, MD 21108

Homeowner Resale Packet

Maryland state law requires sellers to furnish potential buyers of houses, within a mandatory homeowners’ association, with a packet of disclosure documents, commonly referred to as “Resale Documents.” The packet must be presented to a potential buyer at least twenty (20) days prior to closing for a contract to be fully ratified.

Requests for resale packets should include the seller’s name, address, phone number and a $100 check payable to SCHOA. Please mail requests and check to the address below or or contact the SCHOA Treasurer.

    Shipley’s Choice Homeowners Association, Inc.
    PO Box 671
    Millersville, MD 21108
    (Please include the homeowner’s address and telephone number with the check)

Upon completion of a covenants inspection sellers will be notified to schedule a time to pick up the resale packet.

Finally, it is the seller’s responsibility that within thirty (30) calendar days of any resale transfer the seller shall notify the homeowners’ association of the transfer. The notification shall include, to the extent reasonably available, the buyer’s name and address, the title company, the settlement date, the name and forwarding address of any mortgagee. Mail this information to the SCHOA address listed above or contact the SCHOA Treasurer.

Community Section Map

Shipley's Choice Plats

Click on link for graphic, then zoom and scroll to view. To download, shift+click and select "save as" or right click the mouse button and select "save as" to copy the file to your computer.

Shipley's Choice Community Section Map

Click the map above to download a color coded PDF showing the different community sections.